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Photo - Dan Long

Themes of hope, sadness, and striving fill Andrew Pauls’s original songs. Rooted in traditional American folk music, Andrew’s lyrics dance with soulful banjo and guitar playing to create relatable and thought-provoking songs. In Andrew’s music, listeners will hear influences from songwriting veterans John Prine and Bob Dylan as well as contemporary artists such as Mandolin Orange and The Tallest Man on Earth.
Andrew’s first full-length album, released in 2016, describes the the joy and excitement of exploring new places and the difficulty of leaving home behind. Minimal instrumentation and simple production give the record an intimate, stripped-down feel, inviting the listener to pull up a chair and lean in close.
In addition to his solo work, Andrew occasionally performs with the band Theory Expats. The pop- and jazz-infused folk trio has performed throughout the east coast and midwest regions. Theory Expats released their first EP in 2015 and their sophomore project in 2017.
Andrew performs often in the Lancaster area and he lives there with his spouse Laura and all of their instruments. He is interested in the way music can hold together a world that can feel as if it is falling apart.
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Photo - Joni Lohr

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